Caddy Clean Classic

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Caddy Clean Classic


A complete package where you can take advantage of all the benefits of Caddy Clean.

Caddy Clean Classic comes complete with tank of 1.7 L.

Battery time 2-3 hours depending on use.

You can easily transform your Caddy Clean Classic into a Caddy Clean Handy with a simple hand manipulation.


This package contains:

CaddyClean basic unit
Tank complete
Handle for handunit
Battery NiHM
Adapter UK, EU or US
Battery case
Wall mount
White brush 0.6 2 -pcs
Black brush 0.3 2-pcs
Padholder 2-pcs
Kit of 10 abrasive pads, Mixed pack
Microfiber pads 2-pcs
Battery holder
Retail packing


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